about Kevin

​​​​I have worked for the past 30+ years specializing in helping individuals, and the health and fitness agencies serving them, achieve success.  My goal is to work with my individual clients to reach their potential and provide a solution that they didn't even know they were looking for.  Whether a small tweak, complete overhaul, or continuing education, I've got you covered. I also work to help fitness companies enhance and strengthen their services.

My Approach

The approach I take is that every person and every business is unique.  One-size-fits-all approaches will never help you reach your full potential or get you to your goal.  I specialize in solutions and advice tailored to you, your culture and your one-of-a-kind needs whether I'm working with you on your own fitness goals or your business.

My History

  • Began my fitness training and education in NYC in 1987
  • Co-founded the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) in 2000, the only U.S and International professional certification and membership organization. Extensive travel both in the US and Internationally speaking and lobbying for the Pilates and health
  • Health Club and Fitness Management 
  • Established, owned and operated Pilates fitness studios in Miami, FL and Santa Fe, NM