The original program designed by Michele Larsson which teaches the Pilates method in its historical form as taught by Eve Gentry -  one of the original 'first generation' teachers of the pilates method.

Core Dynamics Pilates is based upon both the historical pilates method and the development and adaptations of the original work by Eve Gentry - or Gentry Technique and the further development by Michele Larsson. 

The Core Dynamics Pilates Teacher Training program will only be offered in a select group of locations throughout the US and internationally.  The program is delivered through 5 - 3 day intensive weekends over the course of approximately 1 year.

The program is taught by Kevin A. Bowen, Anna Alvarez and Ruth Alpert.   The program will be offered in the following locations:

​Saskatoon Pilates, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CA

The Pilates Works, Singapore

The Pilates Loft, Newnan, GA

Center Studio, St. Louis, MO

​Pilates Miami Shores, Miami Shores FL

The Pilates Loft, Buffalo, NY

Please contact Kevin directly about the program or go to coredynamicspilates.com.